Import services

Configure your supported services by importing existing application service definitions from your enterprise ServiceNow instance.

Before you begin

You must be connected to your enterprise ServiceNow instance. Set up the connection by clicking Integrations on the navigation pane and selecting the ServiceNow integration card. See Connect to your ServiceNow instance.

Role required: Administrator


  1. Log in to Incident Response.
  2. Navigate to the Services page in one of the following ways:
    • On the navigation pane, click Integrations and select the ServiceNow integrations card under Installed integrations. Click Import services.
    • On the navigation pane, click Services.
  3. Click Import a service.
  4. Select a service to import.
  5. Click Import service & continue.
  6. Choose from these options when importing a service:
    • Add users associated with the application service as part of the support group, if they haven't already been imported. You can also add their corresponding roles.

      For this option, select Yes, include <number> users, where <number> is the number of users you are importing along with the service.

    • Create an on-call team with the support group that is associated with the service. For this option, select the check box.
      Note: You must configure one, and only one, manager to the group that you import. If the support group doesn't have a manager or has more than one manager, the on-call team will not be created.
    • Skip adding users and continue with importing only the service. For this option, select Skip.
    ServiceNow import dialog box.
    Note: To remove a user from the import list, you can click the delete icon (Delete icon) next to the user.


The service is successfully imported.

For more information about services, see Services in Incident Response.