Sample alert from Google Monitor

Snapshot of the entity when an event occurs in Google Monitor.

Sample alert sent from Google Monitor

The sample alert becomes available after you generate the webhook.

 "incident": {
 "incident_id": "xxxx",
 "resource_id": "",
 "resource_name": "xxxx",
 "resource": {
 "type": "gce_instance",
 "labels": {
 "instance_id": "xxxx",
 "project_id": "xxxx",
 "zone": "us-central1-a"
 "resource_display_name": "xxxx-instance",
 "resource_type_display_name": "VM Instance",
 "metric": {
 "type": "",
 "displayName": "Disk write bytes"
 "started_at": 1627637761,
 "policy_name": "Too many bytes written to disk",
 "condition_name": "VM Instance - Disk write bytes [RATE]",
 "condition": {
 "name": "projects/xxxx/alertPolicies/xxxx/conditions/xxxx",
 "displayName": "VM Instance - Disk write bytes [RATE]",
 "conditionThreshold": {
 "filter": "metric.type=\"\" resource.type=\"gce_instance\"",
 "aggregations": [
 "alignmentPeriod": "60s",
 "perSeriesAligner": "ALIGN_RATE"
 "comparison": "COMPARISON_GT",
 "duration": "0s",
 "trigger": {
 "count": 1
 "url": "",
 "state": "open",
 "ended_at": null,
 "summary": "Disk write bytes for xxxx xxxx-instance with metric labels {device_name=xxxx-instance, device_type=permanent, instance_name=xxxx-instance, storage_type=pd-balanced} is above the threshold of 0.000 with a value of 2343.367."
 "version": "1.2"