Severity and state for email alerts

Possible values for the Severity and State fields in email alerts.


The value for the Severity field is copied from the event unless the event closes the alert, in which case the previous severity is retained for reporting.
Table 1. Allowed values for severity
Severity Description
1 Critical

Immediate action is required. The resource is either not functional or critical problems are imminent.

2 Major

Major functionality is severely impaired or performance has degraded.

3 Minor

Partial, non-critical loss of functionality or performance degradation occurred.

4 Warning

Attention is required, even though the resource is still functional.

5 OK

An alert is created. The resource is still functional.

0 Clear

No action is required. An alert is not created from this event. Existing alerts are closed.


The state of an alert can be one of the following:
State Description
Open The alert requires user action.
Close The alert is closed and no further user action is required.