Edit your contact methods and basic profile information

Edit your picture and basic profile information, such as your name, bio, and role in the organization. Edit your contact information and preferred contact methods. Incident Response sends you notifications based on your preferred contact method.

Before you begin

Role required: Stakeholder, Responder, Manager, or Administrator

About this task

Your profile displays your name, the local time, and the time zone you are currently in. It also provides information on your current on-call schedule team or the next on-call shift time. If you click the team name, you are directed to the team on-call schedule page.
Note: For a user with a stakeholder role, the Notifications and the On-call schedule tabs do not appear.


  1. Log in to Lightstep Incident Response.
  2. Select the profile icon The Profile icon and then select My profile.
    By default, the Info tab is selected.
    The Profile landing page from where you can easily create or update your profile information.
  3. To add or edit your picture, click Change avatar, upload an image, and then click Save.
  4. To edit other profile information, click Edit profile.
    The Edit profile info form appears.
  5. On the form, edit the fields.
    Field Description
    First name Your first name.
    Last name Your last name.
    Title Title for your role.
    Contact methods Contact information such as email, phone, or SMS, or Mobile App.

    For additional contact methods, click + Add new.

    Note: For the Slack/MS Teams integration, the value in the Social field is displayed based on the following conditions:
    • If Slack/MS Teams is not installed in the system, the field tells you to add Slack or MS Teams.
      Note: A user with the stakeholder role cannot enable Slack or MS Teams.
    • If Slack/MS Teams in installed in the system but the user does not have a Slack/MS Teams id, then a message is displayed that tells you to check your admin or support for help.
    • If Slack/MS Teams is installed in the system and the user has a Slack/MS Teams id, then the Slack/MS Teams id of the user is displayed. Example: john.brown or john.brown@example.com.
    Role Your role in Incident Response.
    Tags Tags that can help other users search for your profile.
    What I do here Brief summary of your responsibilities.
  6. To modify the time and day for each contact method, click the edit icon (The Edit icon.).
    Option to edit contact method.
    Modify the time and select the days as required.
    Add preferred time and day for contact method.
  7. Click Save.
    Your profile details are updated.