Delete a team

Delete a team at the end of the project or if you no longer need that team. You can also delete an empty team to remove the team from the team list. Once a team is deleted, you can use the name again to create a new team.

Before you begin

Role required: Responder, Manager, or Administrator

Note: Only the responder who created the team, the manager of the team, or an administrator can delete a team.

About this task

When you delete a team, the system deletes all historical activity and records of the team.


  1. Log in to Incident Response.
  2. On the navigation pane, click On-call teams.
    The On-call teams landing page from where you can search for a team, sort teams, or create a new team.
  3. On the team's card, click the more actions icon (More actions icon) and then select Delete.
    Delete a team.
  4. In the Delete team confirmation dialog box, click Delete.
    The team is deleted.