Create an incident update email for stakeholders

Send your stakeholders an update email on an incident to keep them informed.

Before you begin

Note: Those with Stakeholder roles do not have notification preferences to set on their account. They are only notified about state changes so, generating updates is your way to notify them of actions taken on the incident.

Role required: Manager, Responder, Administrator


  1. Navigate to Incidents.
  2. Select the incident you want to use.
  3. Select the Collaboration panel using the Collaboration iconCollaboration icon.
  4. Select the Stakeholders tab.
  5. Select Generate new update.
  6. Edit fields in the Stakeholder update modal.
    1. Add additional recipients. (All stakeholders in the Stakeholder tab are automatically added.)
      Note: You can add external emails.
    2. Modify the Subject line as needed.
    3. Attach any relevant files.
    4. Create the body of the message in the editor.
  7. Select Save as draft or Send Email to send immediately.
    Note: Save as draft saves the file to edit later using the Edit draft button in the Stakeholder tab.
    Update emails are tracked in the Incident timeline panel for use with postmortems.