Create an alert rule in Sentry

Create alert rules and configure them to receive alerts for issues from Sentry in Lightstep Incident Response.

Before you begin

Role required: Responder, Manager, or Administrator


  1. Log in to your Sentry application console.
  2. Navigate to Alerts.
  3. Click Create Alert Rule.
    Sentry Alerts page to create alert rules.
  4. Select the alert type and click Set Conditions.
    The Issues alert type creates issue alerts and the other alert options create metric alerts.
    Sentry alert types.
  5. On the Alert Rule page, set conditions for the alert based on the type of alert.
    Issue alert
    1. Enter the environment, team, and alert name for your alert.
    2. Under Set conditions, enter the When and If conditions that will trigger the alert.
    3. For the Then condition, select Send a notification via an integration and select your Incident Response integration from the list.
    4. Set the action interval for the alert.
    Metric alert
    1. Add a filter to filter your transactions.
    2. Select the function and time interval.
    3. Set the thresholds that will trigger the alert.
    4. Add the actions to be performed when the thresholds defined are met.
    5. Add your integration with Incident Response to the actions to receive the alerts.
    6. Add a rule name and team for the alert.
  6. Click Save Rule.


When an issue in Sentry meets any of the alert conditions, the alert is sent to Incident Response.