On-call teams

Teams are responsible for managing and resolving issues in different business operations. To do this, build and modify schedules and define escalation policies for your team. That way, your team always knows who is on call and accountable and can have the confidence that critical alerts or incidents are always acknowledged.

On the teams landing page, view all the teams in your organization, just your teams, or search for a specific team.

Figure 1. Teams landing page
The On-call teams landing page where you can search for a team or set up a new team.

The content area displays the tabs and the team cards. Use the My teams tab to view the teams you are associated with, either as a manager or member. Use the All teams tab to view all the teams that are available in your organization.

A team card has detailed information about a specific team, such as the name of the team, information on what the team does, manager of the team, primary and the backup on-call members of the team, and the team members. The team card also gives information on whether the team setup is complete or incomplete.

On the team's card, using the more actions icon (More actions icon), you can duplicate a team, delete a team, or send an alert to trigger escalation policy manually.