Profile management

Manage your profile to fine-tune the general information about you. Learn how you can adjust your notification preferences, update your contacts, see your shifts, and manage your settings. Access to the Incident Response features is based on your profile permissions.

Under the Info tab, add your picture, include a short bio about your expertise and skills, and add your role. You can also include tags based on your team or skills. These tags help your profile show up easily in search results.

You can edit your name and your position in the organization. You can see your local time and the on-call team you are currently a part of. Add your contact information and preferred contact method. Incident Response sends you notifications based on your preferred contact method.

Figure 1. Profile landing page
The Profile landing page from where you can easily create or update your profile information.

Using the Notifications tab, you can set your notification preferences. Using the On-call schedule tab, you can view your on-call schedule calendar. From the calendar, you can apply for a time off or you can add a coverage for your shift. With the Settings tab, you can change your login password or set your time zone.