Configure Lightstep Observability metric-based alerts

Configure webhook endpoints so that Lightstep Observability can use the endpoint to communicate with Incident Response.

Before you begin

Ensure you have created a notification destination.

Role required: Responder, Manager, or Administrator

About this task

Note: While this integration with a third-party product is supported, the documentation here is based upon information provided by that third-party. More current information about the operation of that third-party’s system may be available from them directly.


  1. Log in to Lightstep using your Lightstep e-mail address.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Alerts.
    The Alerts page.
  3. Click Create an alert.
    The Choose an alert type window appears.
    The Choose an alert type window.
  4. Click Create an alert.
    Enter the details to clear an alert.
  5. Perform the following actions:
    • Enter a name for the alert.
    • Description: Enter a brief summary of what the alert does.
    • Query: Select the query metric from the data.
    • Alert configuration: Provide the conditions based on which alerts must be generated.
    • Notification destinations:
      The Notification desctinations section.
      • Select a destination type: Select Webhook.
      • Renotify every: Enter the amount of time that the tool waits before sending new updates or alerts.
      • Search for a destination name: Select the already created notification destination.
  6. Create Save.
    Alert gets created.
    Alerts get created when conditions match. You can see the alerts in Incident Response.