Sample alert from AppDynamics

Snapshot of the entity when an event occurs in AppDynamics

Sample alert sent from AppDynamics

The sample alert becomes available after you generate the webhook.

    "controllerUrl": "",
    "accountId": "574",
    "accountName": "test_account",
    "policy": "Sample Policy Name",
    "action": "Test action for plan: test Appd",
    "topSeverity": "INFO",
    "machines": [],
    "eventId": "7336",
    "eventGuid": "45057139-165a-4047-ae54-b5a8e18c7cf9",
    "displayName": "App Server Restart",
    "node": "Sample Tier",
    "eventType": "APP_SERVER_RESTART",
    "eventTime": "Thu Dec 02 06:34:29 UTC 2021",
    "applicationName": "Sample Application Name",
    "applicationId": "42",
    "messageKey": "APP_SERVER_RESTART_42_42_7",
    "tier": "Sample Tier",
    "deepLink": "",
    "summaryMessage": "[Alerting]: Sample Alert",
    "eventMessage": "[Alerting]: Sample Alert",
    "healthRuleEvent": false,
    "healthRuleViolationEvent": false,
    "btPerformanceEvent": false,
    "eventTypeKey": "App Server Restart",
    "affectedEntities": [
            "entityType": "APPLICATION",
            "entityTypeDisplayName": "Application",
            "id": "42",
            "name": "Sample Application Name"
            "entityType": "APPLICATION_COMPONENT",
            "entityTypeDisplayName": "Tier",
            "id": "42",
            "name": "Sample Tier"
            "entityType": "APPLICATION_COMPONENT_NODE",
            "entityTypeDisplayName": "Node",
            "id": "7",
            "name": "Sample Node"