Sample alert for Apica

Snapshot of the entity when an event occurs in Apica.

The sample alert becomes available after you generate the webhook.

    "alert_description": "Sample Alert- Test",
    "alert_description_safe": "Test",
    "alert_guid": "9*******-****-****-****-***********c",
    "alert_id": "1***3",
    "alert_name": "Test",
    "alert_type": "Fullpage",
    "event_message": "Fullpage (FF) check 'Test' failed [Time (2379) was inside threshold interval (0, 0] ms)]",
    "event_symbol": "a***_****_*****_***_********_******_**3",
    "groups": "Development User's Site / My Checks, test_group_alert / test_sub_group_alert",
    "location": "India, Mumbai",
    "module_name": "Check Module (ServiceNow Development Account)",
    "new_sev_char": "W",
    "new_sev_word": "Warning",
    "old_sev_char": "E",
    "old_sev_word": "Error",
    "result_guid": "4*******-****-****-****-***********2",
    "result_guid_plain": "4********************************2",
    "severity": "Warning",
    "tags": " Business Criticality:  2 - Somewhat Critical, 3 - Less Critical",
    "timestamp": "2022-09-12 15:10:47 (GMT+05:30)"