Add a user to an on-call schedule

Add a user as a primary or backup member to an on-call schedule. The more users you have available to a schedule the easier it is to fill shifts.

Before you begin

Role required: Manager or Administrator

About this task

Sometimes, you see users who are not yet added to any on-call shift.

User not yet added to any on-call shift

To add such a user to shift, first you need to add them to a team. By adding the user as a team member, you can add the user in the team's on-call schedule shift as a primary or a backup member.


  1. Log in to Lightstep Incident Response.
  2. On the navigation pane, select On-call teams.
    The On-call teams landing page from where you can search for a team, sort teams, or create a new team.
  3. Click the team's card to which you want to add the user.
    For more information on how to search for a team, see Search for a specific team.
  4. Click the Members tab.
  5. To add the user to the team, click Add members.
  6. In the Team members field, select the user and click Add users to team.
    The user is added to the team.
  7. Click the On-call schedule tab.
  8. Add the user to a new shift or an existing shift as a primary or a backup member.
    For information on how to add a shift or edit an existing shift, see Add a new shift for your team and Edit an on-call shift.
    The user is added to an on-call schedule and you can see their next shift date and time on the user's card.
    User added to a team on-call shift.