Your account with Incident Response

Manage all your account-related details including billing, invoices, and payment methods.

To navigate to the Account Management page, click the profile icon and select Account management from the list. Use the tiles on this page to manage different account-related information.

Account Management landing page.

Tile Description
Subscription details Your current plan and the next billing cycle. You can edit your current plan and add company details from this tile.
Usage Total number of enabled services in your account and the number of active services.
Note: A service becomes an active service when it sends an alert or incident during a billing cycle. The service can send an unlimited number of alerts or incidents and is only charged once per billing cycle.
Payment info Payment details for your subscription.
Billing owner Billing owner's name and email. You can change the billing owner from here.
Latest invoice You can download the most recent invoice from here.
Contact support If you have any billing-related questions, you can contact the support team from here.