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Improve on-call

"Rather than having to comb through all the dependencies, Lightstep pages me and I can see specifically where the issue lies –– down to the specific MySQL query!"
Omar Mezenner
Software Engineeer

Quickly compare baselines and deviations

Lightstep’s Change Intelligence automatically highlights the severity and impact of any change — whether it’s a config, deploy, or increased customer usage or traffic. Now, every alert includes the complete context needed to understand and rapidly resolve issues.

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Every oncall engineer can respond with confidence

Lightstep enables teams to quickly identify what changed and why — without pulling in expert after expert to resolve an issue. Using Change Intelligence, engineers can pinpoint causes immediately. No one has to endlessly scroll through dashboards or grep through logs.

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Reduce alert fatigue

Minimize disruptions to your team with fine-tuned alerts for specific customers, groups, or services.

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