[Guide] Observability: what is it good for?

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How Lightstep works

Best-in-class observability

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Lightstep analyzes 100% of your system changes

Dynamic sampling

Don’t limit your data with predefined performance questions. Lightstep Microsatellites use intelligent, dynamic sampling to ensure behavior outliers and anomalies are always captured.

Change Intelligence

Lightstep’s Change Intelligence cuts hours of investigating down to minutes. We’re able to correlate changes between metrics, traces, and logs, to make sure anyone on your team can find the root cause in three simple clicks.

Next-gen time series database

Built by the team that created Google’s metrics database (“Monarch”), Lightstep supports planet-scale volume, and enables enterprise metrics at less than half the cost of traditional providers.

Distributed tracing

Lightstep has been the leader in distributed tracing since its inception. With unlimited cardinality, full-system correlations, dynamic service maps, and mobile-to-backend visibility, Lightstep provides teams with the context they need to resolve complex issues in minutes.

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Infrastructure and application metrics

Lightstep collects and analyzes data across infrastructure, application, runtime, cloud and other third-party services. We correlate root causes across traces, metrics, and logs anywhere in the system, and provide immediate insights for developers and SREs.

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An easier way to manage change

Lightstep automatically detects changes to your application, infrastructure, and user experience — and surfaces the exact causes. With Change Intelligence, anyone on your team can investigate complex issues in minutes.

Interactive sandbox

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Lightstep’s OpenTelemetry Launchers allow teams to access telemetry data gathered from dozens of libraries in their own system, simply by adding a single line of code. You can also send tracing data to Lightstep from Zipkin or Jaeger without additional configuration. Or automaticlly migratrate all Datadog, Prometheus / Grafana, and AWS Cloudwatch queries, charts, and alerts.

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