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Full-context distributed tracing

Get complete visibility into your system, whether you're migrating to microservices or have a complex, multi-cloud environment.

Trace view analysis with logs
Dave Lucia
“I've been obsessed with Lightstep. It's been a fun product to use, not just a helpful one. I've never seen anything that you could drill in and find the root cause of a problem so quickly and so visually. That just absolutely blew my mind.”
Dave Lucia, VP of Engineering

What makes Lightstep’s distributed tracing different?

Easy to set up and use

No matter how complex your system.

Unlimited cardinality

Pinpoint exactly what causes issues across your stack.

Instant insights

Understand why performance issues occur.

More context

Automatically surface the relevant logs and metrics for incident resolution.

Complete system visibility

Give your team end-to-end visibility across your stack — any app, any service, any cloud. Move seamlessly from a high-level view of dependencies to specific services, operations, traces, or any other signals contributing to issues in production.

Interactive sandbox

Full context problem-solving

Find the cause for every effect, across any number of service boundaries. Lightstep surfaces root causes in seconds, providing the exact logs, metrics, and traces needed to simplify and solve even the most complex investigations.

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Built by tracing experts

Our team built Google's tracing and metrics technology ("Dapper" and "Monarch"), and co-created OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry. We are obsessed with making distributed systems easier to understand.

Download our book: Distributed Tracing in Practice

Powered by open source

Automatic instrumentation for popular programming languages lets you go from installation to insights in a matter of minutes – virtually no code changes required and no vendor lock-in.

Learn more about OpenTelemetry
"Lightstep is the future of monioring and was instrumental in our move to microservices.
Shaun McCormick, Senior Staff Software Engineer BigCommerce

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