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KubeCon: North America

Chicago, IL | Nov 06, 2023 - Nov 09, 2023Read moreRead more

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Performance engineering in the time of DevOps

Online | Aug 18, 2020Read moreRead more

KubeCon EU debrief & roundtable

Online | Aug 18, 2020 - Aug 20, 2020Read moreRead more

Workshop: Getting Started With OpenTelemetry in Kubernetes

Virtual | Jul 30, 2020Read moreRead more

Getting Started With OpenTelemetry in Kubernetes

Virtual | Jul 28, 2020Read moreRead more

Observability and Reliability in Deep Systems

Online | Jul 14, 2020Read moreRead more

Ship fast and confidently with Lightstep and GitLab

Virtual | May 12, 2020Read moreRead more

Why Modern Systems Require a New Approach to Observability

Virtual | May 07, 2020Read moreRead more

Three Pillars, No Answers: Helping Platform Teams Solve Real Observability Problems

Virtual | May 05, 2020Read moreRead more

Failover Conf by Gremlin

Online | Apr 21, 2020Read moreRead more

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