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The OpenTelemetry project provides a single set of APIs, libraries, agents, and collector services to capture distributed traces and metrics from your application.

By providing a standardized data format for distributed traces and metrics data, OpenTelemetry eliminates the need for vendor-specific integrations. Language-specific SDKs and auto-instrumentation for common languages and frameworks make it easier than ever to instrument your code and start capturing observability data.

A brief history of OpenTelemetry


OpenTelemetry is released in Beta


The OpenTracing and OpenCensus projects announce a merger, forming OpenTelemetry


Google releases a new portable instrumentation project called OpenCensus.


Jaeger, an open-source tracing tool developed by Yuri Shkuro, is open-sourced by Uber.


Lightstep helps to found OpenTracing, the first common, portable API for distributed tracing.


Lightstep is founded by Ben Sigelman, Daniel Spoonhower, and Ben Cronin


Zipkin, which started as a hack day project shortly after the publication of the Dapper paper, is open-sourced by Twitter.


Rob Benson, Lightstep's VP of Engineering, Product, & Design, is one of three engineers at Twitter helping to create Zipkin.


While working at Google, Lightstep Co-Founder and CEO Ben Sigelman develops Dapper, one of the first large-scale distributed tracing infrastructures.

Lightstep sounds like a lovely idea