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Learn how modern observability can help you build, deploy, and optimize multi-layered systems.


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Technical Guide: OpenTelemetry 101

Learn the key concepts of observability and distributed tracing, as well as underlying core components like spans, metrics, and exporters.

Getting Started guides

Step-by-step instructions for installing and instrumentation with OpenTelemetry in a variety of common programming languages.

What is Observability?

Learn the basics of observability, and how the OpenTelemetry project supports observability for cloud-native software.

Using OpenTracing?

Get more detailed info on how (and when) to migrate from OpenTracing to OpenTelemetry.


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How it works

Get familiar with the four main components of Lightstep—tracers, Satellites, the SaaS Engine, and the web application.

Getting Started

The insights Lightstep can provide are only as good as the instrumentation of your app. Start here to ensure success.

Product Docs

Learn all you need to know about using Lightstep with step-by-step instructions and useful reference information.

Learning Path: Resolve an incident

Use Lightstep to quickly create a hypothesis about the root cause of a performance incident.

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