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Lightstep from ServiceNow Logo

Know Exactly What Happens After You Deploy

Easily Compare Before and After

See changes in latency and throughput — by build, by product line, or even by customer. Understand performance before, during, and after a release though rich visualizations that automate once-manual analyses.

comparison analysis

Canary and Blue / Green Deployments

Monitor the independent impact of your in-progress release.


Automatically Roll Back — Before SLOs Are Breached

Massively reduce impact to your services and customers with continuous automated monitoring of your entire system. With a simple webhook, Lightstep can initiate roll backs based on thresholds by geography, customer, service, and more.

streams alert

Complete Context

See the traces, metrics and, logs associated with any regression, as Lightstep analyzes 100% of your unsampled request data.

logs in trace

Monitor Deploys with Lightstep