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Why choose Lightstep?

Lightstep is the only observability platform that gives you complete system context at scale. Ease of use, instant insights, and lower costs are why customers choose Lightstep over New Relic.

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Why New Relic isn’t enough

Monitoring is only as good as the data and insights that enable developers. Lightstep analyzes 100% of your event data — parsing through hundreds of millions of signals in seconds to surface issues before they impact customers.

Resolve issues 50x faster

Lightstep finds the cause for every effect, across any number of service boundaries. With an architecture that scales 100x further than traditional APM tools, Lightstep surfaces root causes in seconds, providing the exact logs, metrics, and traces needed to simplify and solve even the most complex investigations.

Unlimited cardinality, hosts, and data

With pricing based on services and users, not tags or data volumes, you get deep insights across your system without paying New Relic prices.

Ease of use

Automatic instrumentation for popular programming languages lets you go from installation to insights in a matter of minutes – virtually no code changes required.

Lightstep vs New Relic


New Relic

Unlimited data, hosts, and cardinality, without additional cost

Complete mobile-to-backend visibility

Portable, open source instrumentation

Ingest and explore 100% of data without tail-based sampling

Latency and error analysis

Dedicated technical support included

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