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Cloud-native logging

Harness the power of Lightstep across all your telemetry.

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Lightstep is creating the most complete, unified, primary observability platform

Holistic, end-to-end visibility is needed to turn real-time insights into action. We’re putting log management, tracing, and metrics under one roof for key observability use cases.

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Digital transformation succeeds or fails based on unified observability

We are building a unified and seamless observability experience within one solution, designed to scale with your business and provide deep insights into system performance and behavior. Even with a rapid rate of change.

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Extend critical, unified observability workflows

Remove the confusing context switches that hinder DevOps and SRE productivity at most enterprises today.

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Innovate fast, with confidence

Unified telemetry delivers better outcomes across technology investments, capitalizing on the promise of digital transformation. Connect insights and actions seamlessly across all the tools, people, and processes to deliver digital customer experiences.


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Stay tuned while we build the next-generation of observability with fully integrated metrics, logs, and tracing data from the ground up.