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“Lightstep automatically shows us what we need to see, and it’s by far the best way to understand dependencies.”
Joel Wilsson
Senior Software Engineer

Visualize services and dependencies in one place

A successful move to the cloud requires deep knowledge of your system. Lightstep automatically identifies dependencies and outliers to prevent unexpected outages mid-migration.

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Understand health at every stage of migration

From planning to completion, Lightstep’s Change Intelligence provides end-to-end insight into application performance. We’ve made it easy for anyone on the team to quickly identify problems during migration, and enables you to roll back changes before customers are impacted.

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See the impact of third-party infrastructure

Don’t let an unknown dependency delay your successful migration to the cloud. Gain visibility into critical infrastructure and how your services depend on it — whether in your own data center or a public cloud provider.

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See how Lightstep reduces your MTTR