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Optimize Your CI/CD Pipeline

Investigate CI/CD issues 20x faster.

Automatically Roll Back — Before SLOs Are Breached

Massively reduce impact to your services and customers with continuous automated monitoring of your entire system. With a simple webhook, Lightstep Streams can initiate roll backs based on thresholds by geography, customer, service, and more.


Canary Deployment with Confidence

Spend more time shipping code and less time fighting fires with continuous auditing of your CI/CD pipeline. Quickly identify reliability issues in staging environments and canaries, and instantly share detailed views of system behavior with your team.


Easily Compare Any Version or Build

See changes in latency and throughput — by build, by product line, or even by customer. Understand performance before, during, and after a release though rich visualizations that automate once-manual analyses.


Full Visibility into CI/CD Performance

Easily visualize service dependencies, latency, throughput, error rates, and more across your entire pipeline. Make faster, more informed decisions with context-rich, highly detailed views of production behavior.

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Get More Out of Your Post-Mortems

Rather than having to manually reconstruct what happened during incident resolution, with LightStep, you have complete access to a visual, interactive, and hierarchical representation of system behavior of any queries made during an event.

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