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CI/CD observability

"Lightstep shows us exactly where things are slow, what changes we need to make to realize a quick ROI, and specifically how our customers are experiencing our platform."
Philip Zeyliger
Software Engineer

Deploy with confidence

Lightstep makes it easy to understand performance before, during, and after a release. With Change Intelligence, your team can instantly see the changes in latency, error rate, and throughput that matter most, and which dependencies are affected across the stack.

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Understand exactly what’s at fault

Lightstep shows you how your services are impacted by other services and vice versa. This enables clear lines of communication across your teams to resolve issues quickly, and deploy more confidently.

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Pre-deploy checks with GitHub

Remove the guesswork before it starts. With Lightstep’s Pre-Deploy Check, developers can proactively ensure the quality and performance of their software before it gets pushed to production.

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