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Introducing Change Intelligence

Give your team the clarity and confidence to resolve issues before customers even notice them.

Lightstep latency histogram

Fewer dashboards. Faster insights.

Lightstep instantly analyzes system-wide metrics and tracing data to answer the questions that matter most.

Roadrunner service dashboard

Know exactly why things change

Change Intelligence surfaces the most important changes in your system, and enables anyone on your team to understand and resolve complex issues.

Flowchart of an incident finding resolution from an array of data

We’ve made the most powerful observability tool easy to use

Share complete system visibility and context with the devs, SREs, PMs, and pretty much anyone.

Full-stack Correlations

Connect user experience and resource consumption with changes in your applications and infrastructure

Alerting with context

Automatically annotate alerts with the evidence needed to quickly and confidently mitigate issues

Aggregate metrics and trace analysis

Find patterns and validate hypotheses with unlimited cardinality

Dynamic service and operations maps

See every upstream and downstream dependency, including third-party cloud providers, in real time

Visualize system performance

Roll up, drill down, and explore performance data with an elegant and intuitive user interface

Dashboards built for your workflows

Link time series dashboards directly with advanced investigation and analysis tools

Dave Lucia
“I've been obsessed with Lightstep. It's been a fun product to use, not just a helpful one. I've never seen anything that you could drill in and find the root cause of a problem so quickly and so visually. That just absolutely blew my mind.”
Dave Lucia, VP of Engineering

Root cause complex incidents in three steps

Lightstep already highlights the error rates, latency, and other service level indicators (SLIs) that experience the greatest change. Now you can immediately see the specific causes.


Get alerted on a change.


Jump right to the issue.


Understand the specific causes.

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Deployment Markers

Application monitoring

Give your team end-to-end visibility across your stack — any app, any service, any cloud. Move seamlessly from a high-level view of dependencies to specific services or signals contributing to issues in production.

Interactive sandbox
Resolve performance regressions immediately

Infrastructure and application metrics

Years ago, we built Google’s planet-scale metrics and tracing systems (Monarch and Dapper).

We launched Lightstep’s metrics to automatically surface the insights teams need to resolve issues and improve performance — without scrolling through dozens of dashboards.

Added bonus: high-cardinality metrics and low telemetry costs.

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Understand dependencies with system maps

Customer and user monitoring

Lightstep highlights where latency, error rates, or other service level indicators (SLIs) have experienced the greatest change — no matter how unlikely or rare.

You can easily monitor and alert on VIP customers, outliers, and any organization that is experiencing or causing suboptimal system performance.

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Get started in minutes

We've made it irrationally easy to send data to Lightstep.

OpenTelemetry Launchers

Instrument services in Java, Python, Go, .Net, and other common languages with one line of code.

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Auto-migrate dashboards and alerts

Lift-and-shift from your current monitoring tools with infrastructure-as-code for dashboard and alert config.

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Lightstep works with the tools you're using right now

Powered by open standards, Lightstep works with virtually any combination of languages, frameworks, or technology.


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