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GitHub seamlessly migrates to OpenTelemetry with Lightstep

GitHub helps 65+ million developers and 3+ million organizations to build software, including tracking issues, integrations, code review, security, and more. GitHub uses Lightstep daily to investigate latency, test hypotheses, and rapidly resolve performance issues across their monolithic and microservice architecture. In combination with OpenTelemetry, GitHub is able to ensure that millions of developers have a seamless experience with their platform, as well as increase the productivity of their internal developer teams.

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"Our Elasticsearch cluster is large, and when we tried to dump trace data, we realized we ingested far too high of a data volume. It only took 10 minutes before our data infrastructure team noticed."

Omar Mezenner

Software Engineer at Plaid

"Lightstep helped us identify the type of strategy we're using for load balancing and switch it and improve the communication between those two services."

Cory Smith

Site Reliability Engineer


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