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Transform ServiceNow workflows with Service Graph Connector for Observability - Lightstep

For technology-driven organizations, providing digital services for customers is mission-critical. As a result, organizations are doubling down on their cloud transformation, but are challenged with complex hybrid environments. Those that have relied on traditional monitoring solutions are now finding gaps in their visibility, resulting in poor MTTR and incident management across their hybrid estate. But, there’s a solution–The Service Graph Connector for Observability - Lightstep.

Event management default integration flow

What is the Service Graph Connector for Observability - Lightstep and why does it matter?

One of the consistent challenges for organizations moving to the cloud has been how to break up organizational silos that exist between teams. Ultimately, these teams may have the same or similar goals, but they’re often incentivized differently which tends to create divisions. And as teams move to the cloud, those visibility and ownership gaps impact the customer experience. To mitigate these problems, organizations need to be empowered with true end-to-end visibility and context across all environments from traditional to cloud-native.

Lightstep integrations with ServiceNow

The Service Graph Connector for Observability - Lightstep solves this though. It’s the bridge between IT Operations and DevOps teams. And when combined with ITOM Visibility, it provides organizations with a complete, end-to-end view of their entire hybrid estate. 

ServiceNow dashboard - view 1
ServiceNow dashboard  - view 2

With the Service Graph Connector for Observability - Lightstep, you can monitor and connect the health of your revenue-generating applications that drive the customer experience to the internal teams and technology that build and manage your business. ServiceNow and Lightstep are perfectly positioned to help customers drive organization-wide technology transformation as organizations embrace cloud-native to grow and scale their businesses.

ServiceNow dashboard - service map
Lightstep service diagram

The Service Graph Connector for Observability - LightstepService Graph Connector for Observability - Lightstep ensures the ServiceNow CMDB is dynamically updated, all in real-time and with zero maintenance. This ensures a healthy CMDB to improve incident resolution, reduce failed changes, and reduce the number of incidents per user.


By integrating Lightstep from ServiceNow into your cloud-native monitoring strategy, you can connect disparate teams and views to form a complete, end-to-end picture of your tech landscape.

And, as a part of ServiceNow, Lightstep is natively in-sync with the ServiceNow platform. This reduces the disconnect that exists with other Service Graph Connectors, as it harnesses the power of automation in the Service Operations landscape. This provides deeper insights into your customer experience and the impact of your microservices. Plus, it allows you to align your centrally manage governance policies all the way into your cloud-native application teams.

This end-to-end visibility ultimately breaks down organizational silos and increases productivity, agility, and resiliency.

December 20, 2022
3 min read

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Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner

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