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Stepping it up! Lightstep feature updates - September 2020

Robin Whitmore

by Robin Whitmore

Stepping it up! Lightstep feature updates - September 2020

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Along with the newsworthy release of our OpenTelemetry Launchers, this month, the Lightstep team delivered new OpenTelemetry features, integrations with some great vendors, and a Satellite update.

Details below.

Integrate Lightstep with Your Slack Workspace

Previously, when you created alerts for a Stream, you were able to select a Slack channel in your workspace as the destination for the alert. You can still do that, but now instead of setting individual channels as destinations, you can integrate your entire Slack Workspace. This integration is meant to be used when creating alerts from our API.

Lightstep Alerts

Read more here.

Helm Chart Supports Single Project Mode

Our Helm chart used to install Satellites to a Docker container now supports single project mode.

Integrate Lightstep with OneLogin

Lightstep provides an integration with OneLogin that allows OneLogin to handle user authentication and SSO. Once you integrate with OneLogin and configure for single sign on (SSO), users can sign into Lightstep either from OneLogin (IdP-initiated) or Lightstep (SP-Initiated).

Use OpenTelemetry Collectors with Lightstep

If you’ve already instrumented with OpenTelemetry using Collectors, then getting data into Lightstep requires only an edit to the YAML config file. You need to configure the Collector to use OTLP to send data to the Lightstep Microsatellites using your project’s access tokens.

Learn more here.

New Lightstep OpenTelemetry Documentation

Lightstep has launched a new documentation site focused on all things OpenTelemetry! Docs that used to live on this site have moved over there, along with even more great content to help you get started and further instrument your app to deliver robust observability in Lightstep.

Any links you may have saved will all redirect to the new site. But be sure to come back to this Learning Portal to learn how to enhance your Lightstep experience using OpenTelemetry. OpenTelemetry Lightstep Docs We've reorganized this site to promote using OpenTelemetry if you're just getting started. But you can still find all our OpenTracing content here.

New OpenTelemetry Launchers

Lightstep's OpenTelemetry launchers make getting started with distributed tracing as easy as possible. With one line of code, developers gain system-wide visibility, automated root cause analysis, and full-stack dependency mapping — all using OpenTelemetry frameworks for Java, Node.JS, Python, and Go.

New Satellite Release Includes Expanded OTLP Support

We released a new version of our Satellites. Updates include a fix to Trace ID truncation in OTLP ingest. We've added support to OTLP ingest to now populate the span.kind field and for hex encoded Trace and Span IDs in JSON-encoded OTLP. We've also added proxying for infrastructure metrics.

You can read about what's in the update here.

Improved Get Started Learning Path

We've improved the Get Started Learning Path and topic. They now use the new OpenTelemetry Launchers allowing you to instrument your services with just one line of code. Getting started with Lightstep and OpenTelemetry is now even easier!

Get Started with Lightstep Docs

That's it for this month! See you next month!

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