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Stepping it Up! Lightstep Feature Updates - May 2020

Robin Whitmore

by Robin Whitmore

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Robin Whitmore

by Robin Whitmore


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We’ve been busy getting some great new features ready to release to you in the coming months - we can’t wait to get those out to you! This past month we released a change to our Service Health view to help you find issues more efficiently, and we’ve made some great updates to our content.

Zoom in on Service Health Time Periods

When viewing the Service Health charts on the Deployments tab of the Service Directory, you can now zoom into a custom time period. Click and drag over the time period you’d like to zoom into, and the chart updates to report on that time frame.

Stepping it up - May

New Get Started Learning Path

We’ve published a new Learning Path to help you get started with Lightstep. You’ll learn how Lightstep works, how to create an account, how to get your application’s telemetry data into Lightstep, and how to view that data to perform root cause analysis.

New Get Started Learning Path Lightstep

New OpenTelemetry Python Installation Guide

We’ve improved the process for getting started instrumenting your Python app with OpenTelemetry. Easier to follow, with troubleshooting content, this guide will get you up and running quickly!

New OpenTelemetry Python Installation Guide Lightstep

That's it for this month! See you in June!

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