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Stepping It Up! Lightstep Feature Updates - January 2022

Robin Whitmore

by Robin Whitmore

Stepping It Up! Lightstep Feature Updates - January 2022

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Read all about the new features and enhancements that Lightstep has delivered in the last month.

UI Now Available to Ingest Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams

Previously once you configured your Amazon CloudWatch metrics to report to Lightstep, you needed to contact your Customer Success representative to complete the integration. With this update, you can now use Lightstep to complete the integration yourself.

To enable the integration, you use the Project Settings page to provide Lightstep with your AWS credential information. Once that's enabled, Lightstep begins ingesting your metrics.

met awsIntUI

Add Explorer Queries and Service Directory Time Series to Notebooks

You can now add your Explorer queries and Service Directory time series to notebooks.

If you begin your investigation in Explorer, you can now add the query to a notebook, allowing you to capture the data in context of other charts. exp notebook

You can see the latency for multiple percentiles and view exemplar traces. The annotation is a link back to the original, so you can quickly return to the origin of your investigation. exp noteAdded If you're on the Deployments tab in the Service Directory, you can add any of the time series charts to a notebook. sd notebook

Like Explorer queries, you can see the latency, view exemplar traces, and link back to the origin of your investigation. sd notebookAdded

Both options now allow you to view multiple queries from different views in Lightstep, all in one place.

Learn more about notebooks.

Updates to Query Builder in Metric Charts and Alerts

Many improvements have been made to the query builder used when creating charts in metric dashboards and alerts.

  • It's now easier to add filters to your query
  • The order of fields has changed to make understanding your query easier.

met multMetricsUQB

Ingest Telemetry Data from Datadog

You can now ingest both metrics and trace data from your Datadog agent into Lightstep. By changing the agent's configuration (using either YAML or environment variables), you can send data to both Lightstep and Datadog. Once you're sure that the data is being received as expected, you can change the configuration again to send it only to Lightstep.

We've published a new Learning Path that quickly shows how to send both metric and trace data to Lightstep and then view that data in a notebook.

Check it out!

To provide this migration path, we've released a new Microsatellite version. Read the release notes here.

Improvements to the Notebooks Query Builder

Many improvements have been made to the query builder used when creating charts in notebooks.

  • Narrow your search at the start to include only metric or span data.note metricQuery
  • Use operators in your query to include/exclude specific attribute values. Instead of building separate include/exclude statements, they are now grouped together and it's more clear they are joined with an AND operator.note spanFilterUQB
  • For span data queries, you can search on service, operation, or attribute name.note spanQueryUQB

More coming soon!

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