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Sharing Just Got Better: Preview Lightstep in Slack

Julian Griggs

by Julian Griggs

Sharing Just Got Better: Preview Lightstep in Slack

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You’ve asked, and we’ve answered. Sharing insights from Lightstep just got a whole lot better!

Gone are the days when you would post a Lightstep url into Slack and your coworkers would have to guess what magical insights await them on the other side. Now, the magical insights will be shown as previews inside Slack!

Find a trace with a strange error? Share it in Slack!Slack is now able to provide previews to Lightstep links.

Find an unsuspected distribution of latencies for a particular service? Share it in Slack!Lightstep explorer preview on Slack

Have you noticed that your service’s latency seems to be steadily increasing over time? Share it in Slack!Lightstep preview of a stream in Slack

Is There Anything Else I Can Do with Slack?

Yes! A preview of BEEMO alert on Lightstep

How to Get Started

This part is easy. Just check out our docs and drop us a line if you have any questions!

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