OTel Me More: OpenTelemetry Project News - Vol 5

Isobel Redelmeier

by Isobel Redelmeier


This week's news includes OpenTelemetry Governance Committee Elections, a long list of upcoming talks and events, and some help-wanted recommendations from the opentelemetry-java SDK.

OpenTelemetry Project News

  • Nominations for four open seats on the OpenTelemetry Governance Committee will be open until 12pm (noon) PT on October 9—don't wait to add your nominee!
  • Join the next W3C Distributed Tracing Working Group workshop, which will be held November 14-15 in Seattle, WA.
  • Schedule conflicts? Going forward, recorded OpenTelemetry SIG meetings will be available on YouTube for folks who are not able to attend live.
  • Want to contribute? Get started with one of these issues from opentelemetry-java:
  • Move sdk_contrib/inmemory_export to exporters/inmemory #589
  • Implement #573
  • SDK: Port the OC Zipkin exporter #534

Upcoming Conferences, Talks, and Live Events

Isobel Redelmeier

Isobel Redelmeier

OSS Engineer

Isobel Redelmeier is an Open Source Engineer at LightStep, where she focuses on OpenTracing and the overall goal of making the software world more observable. Ask her about observability, security, testing, or, frankly, most other software-related topics, and she'll probably have an opinion or three!