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OTel Me More: OpenTelemetry Project News – Vol 32

Eric O'Rear

by Eric O'Rear

OTel Me More: OpenTelemetry Project News – Vol 32

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OpenTelemetry Project News

OpenTelemetry’s Java instrumentation is now in-step with OTel-Java v0.6.0, and the tracing proto is now stable. A new feature request looks for streamlining multi-tenancy support in the OpenTelemetry Collector, which could prove very interesting.

Buzz continues to build for OpenTelemetry in the cloud-native world. Elastic introduces its OpenTelemetry integration via the Elastic APM exporter, noting, “This integration continues our commitment to openness by embracing open standards support for the evolving OpenTelemetry standard for observability.” There is now an OpenTelemetry Meter Exporter for Mackerel, as well.

These OpenTelemetry SIGs are looking for extra support! Open source efforts rely on developers like you -- get involved with one of these implementations:

  • OTel-Rust is looking for contributors and maintainers
  • OTel-PHP is looking for contributors and maintainers
  • OTel-C++ is looking for contributors and maintainers
  • OTel-Ruby has seen a lot of contributions, but would benefit from having more dedicated maintainers

This week’s Featured Issues:


Upcoming Conferences, Talks, and Live Events

  • Observability of multi-party computation with OpenTelemetry is a CNCF member webinar on July 23rd at 10:00 a.m. PT
  • KubeCon is officially going virtual, with dates announced for August 17-20th of this year
  • Stay tuned to the OpenTelemetry Twitch channel for the weekly show ‘OpenTelemetry Tuesdays’ at 11 am PT, as well as event-specific live streams

Want to Contribute?

Interested in joining our team? See our open positions here.

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