OTel Me More: OpenTelemetry Project News - Vol 2

Isobel Redelmeier

by Isobel Redelmeier


This week’s news includes a major announcement from Datadog as well as continued progress within the open source project.

OpenTelemetry Project News

  • Datadog announced the contribution of their tracing libraries to the OpenTelemetry project, with plans to support auto-instrumentation for OpenTelemetry users
  • The project welcomed a new Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Erlang/Elixir SDK last week. Say hello or get involved by joining their gitter channel or join an upcoming meeting
  • API and SDK versioning schemas are under discussion (#246), with the goal of supporting decoupled version numbers for the API and various SDKs
  • Want to contribute? Get started with one of these issues from opentelemetry-js:
  • Add opentelemetry/exporter-prometheus package #254
  • examples: provide an example for gRPC plugin #250
  • Add baseline benchmark suite #261

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Isobel Redelmeier

Isobel Redelmeier

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Isobel Redelmeier is an Open Source Engineer at LightStep, where she focuses on OpenTracing and the overall goal of making the software world more observable. Ask her about observability, security, testing, or, frankly, most other software-related topics, and she'll probably have an opinion or three!