OTel Me More: OpenTelemetry Project News - Vol 1

Isobel Redelmeier

by Isobel Redelmeier


OpenTelemetry Project News

  • Project contributors have been hard at work on the OpenTelemetry cross-language specification, with less than a month remaining until several upcoming launches:
  • As of September 1, an initial working version of compatibility between OpenTelemetry and the OpenTracing/OpenCensus projects is available.
  • The Tracing API also saw an Alpha release on September 1; feedback on further design and development is much appreciated!
  • With Tracing now in Alpha, the Metrics and Context APIs are targeted for a September 15th Alpha release.
  • September 30th remains the target date for Alpha versions of the Go, C#, Python, Java, and server-side JavaScript (Node.js) SDKs.
  • New contributors are always welcome! Check out the Contributor Guide to get started.
Isobel Redelmeier

Isobel Redelmeier

OSS Engineer

Isobel Redelmeier is an Open Source Engineer at LightStep, where she focuses on OpenTracing and the overall goal of making the software world more observable. Ask her about observability, security, testing, or, frankly, most other software-related topics, and she'll probably have an opinion or three!