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Announcing OpenTelemetry Launchers: The easiest way to get started with distributed tracing

Ben Sigelman

by Ben Sigelman

Announcing OpenTelemetry Launchers: The easiest way to get started with distributed tracing

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When I helped to create the OpenTelemetry project in early 2019, I came up with the mission statement we still use on to “make robust, portable telemetry a built-in feature of cloud-native software.” Today, we’ve gotten a lot closer to the goal of “built-in telemetry” with the release of Lightstep’s OpenTelemetry Launchers. With just one line of code (or, in some languages, “no lines of code”), you get 100% OTel-native instrumentation of your entire service.

How do you get started with OpenTelemetry Launchers?

Historically, adoption of distributed tracing has required manually adding tracing API calls throughout your system, or relying on various plugins: either from disconnected OSS communities or from vendors who lock you in with agents.

OpenTelemetry Launchers Console

With OpenTelemetry Launchers, developers copy and paste one line of code to get up and running with distributed tracing. They are available for Java, Node.JS, Python, and Go, and are 100% OpenTelemetry-native and OpenTelemetry-compatible, meaning developers can leverage all functionality provided by OpenTelemetry.

OpenTelemetry Workshops

We’ll also be holding workshops to walk through how to get started with distributed tracing. You can view all upcoming workshops on our Events page.

If you have instrumentation questions in the meantime? Drop by office hours with Austin Parker, author of Distributed Tracing in Practice, or ask our team to walk you through a quick demo.

Interested in joining our team? See our open positions here.

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