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Now Playing: Your Zipkin Traces in Lightstep

David Klein

by David Klein

Now Playing: Your Zipkin Traces in Lightstep

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We’ve made it really easy to send Zipkin traces natively to Lightstep.

How easy?

Simply set an endpoint and launch the Zipkin tracer with your project’s access token. You’ll have access to the complete set of Lightstep features in minutes — including Correlations, Workflow Links, and Service Diagrams

How Long Does It Actually Take?

In the time it takes to go from Zipkin to Lightstep, you could:

  • Watch The Room .07 times
  • Microwave two burritos
  • Almost run a mile*

Why Lightstep?

There are many reasons why Lightstep is the ideal solution to help your team deploy faster and better understand issues in production. Here are three:

Complete Visibility — Regardless of Platform or Technology Lightstep’s unique Satellite Architecture analyzes 100% of unsampled transaction data from any source — mobile apps, web clients, serverless, and more — offering end-to-end visibility into any trace, operation, or service.

Faster, More Effective Investigations Lightstep produces root cause insights almost immediately — aggregating and analyzing thousands of traces in seconds — to identify exactly where and why an application or service is slow or throwing errors.

Scale 100x — Without Slowdowns or Upcharges Send unlimited amounts of data at no extra cost — whether it's a sudden spike in visitors from a viral post, Black Friday, or simply the growth of your business over time.

How It Works

We’ve updated our Satellite appliances to natively ingest traces from the Zipkin tracer. This means you can send all of the same traces to Lightstep and gain the ability to:

  • Collect unsampled distributed traces without concern for long-term storage or query infrastructure. 
  • Analyze traces in aggregate to find the commonalities in any user-defined groups, like the p99 for a particular service, operation, or tag.
  • Dynamic grouping and filtering for hypothesis-driven root cause analysis.

And of course instead of spending many, many cycles running and maintaining your own infrastructure, you can build new features on top of the Lightstep API, Workflow Links, and Slack integration.

Getting Started Is Easy

  1. Sign up for Lightstep Developer. (It’s free forever!)
  2. Follow the documentation.
  3. Get immediate and automatic feedback on your instrumentation.


*unless you are really fast like certain unnamed Lightstep employees who may or may not work in sales ops

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