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New Services-Oriented View for Lightstep

Talia Moyal

by Talia Moyal

New Services-Oriented View for Lightstep

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Service Directory makes it easier for administrators to manage Lightstep and for engineers to quickly explore the performance of their respective services. For users new to Lightstep, this feature reduces the learning curve that's typical for adopting a new tool by presenting information through familiar service and operation names.

Service Directory lists the services that have reported data to Lightstep over the past 30 days. This list can be interactively filtered by service name, so users can quickly jump to the services they want to review. Each service has detailed information about the operations, Streams, dashboards, client libraries (e.g. Go, Python), platform (e.g. iOS, Android), and real-time reporting status information. Service Directory also allows users to create Streams that will compute time-series data for any service – with just a single click as they explore and navigate their systems. Lastly, users can go directly from Service Directory to dashboards, time-series charts, and Live View to see the real-time latency histogram related to the specific service being examined.

Lightstep Service Directory Service Directory allows users to easily create Streams and view information about service operations, dashboards, and other real-time reporting statuses.

Our Service Directory early access customers have thousands of individual microservices reporting data to Lightstep. Service Directory allows the service owners in these organizations to immediately review important status information for their services in a centralized view. They can ensure the services are instrumented properly, operating normally, and incorporated into dashboards used by their team members. Service Directory also provides a way for some of our customers to take inventory and enforce standardized naming conventions for their services, which helps them to scale services in a more manageable way. Finally, by being able to see when dashboards and Streams were created and by whom, administrators can now easily identify the key stakeholders for each service.

We hope you find this new feature useful, and if you've just recently learned about our product, contact us to see how Lightstep can help you manage the performance of your microservices.

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