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Gain better insights with the new Lightstep API program

Brandon Cato

by Brandon Cato

Gain better insights with the new Lightstep API program

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At Lightstep, we’ve always been committed to ensuring that developers have access to the data they need to monitor and take appropriate action on your business critical processes. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve made major improvements to our Lightstep API program to provide our customers with more powerful access to Lightstep’s differentiated data.

This new API functionality will help developers gain more flexible access to the high value data being sent to Lightstep from their systems, and the rich analysis built on that data.

Access the Lightstep data you love, in any way you want

Our goal in creating the Lightstep API program was to provide open, flexible, and extensible access to Lightstep’s powerful analysis data. Once you have that data, you’ll be able to build anything you want with it. The power is in your hands!

What can you do with Lightstep APIs? Well, the possibilities are literally endless, but some powerful use cases could include:

  • Call the Key Operation Time Series API to integrate the latency, error, and throughput data Lightstep provides for your most important operations into your CI/CD system to trigger automated rollbacks if your system experiences a regression during a deployment.
  • Call the Snapshot API to capture the status of your service diagram at regular intervals and trigger alerts when any unexpected critical changes are seen in your system.

How to get started in less than five minutes

Endpoint access to Lightstep APIs is free and available to all of our customer tiers. Once you’ve set up a community tier account, you’ll be able to call any of our endpoints right away. Our API documentation includes a full list of endpoints with details on query parameters and rate limits. We’ve also built and published a GitHub action leveraging our API to bring data directly into GitHub.

To help inspire you as you get started on your Lightstep API journey, we’re building a API Cookbook, a collection of real-world examples, showcasing how you can integrate Lightstep data into your workflows. The Cookbook GitHub repo is open, so we welcome pull requests for new use-cases, and we’ll be regularly adding examples like the ones below. Make sure to check it out!

  • Reporting Status Time Series: Visualize historical volume and dropped spans per service to have better visibility into how much data you are sending to the Satellites.
  • Trace Differ: Use the robust analysis data that makes up a Snapshot to define critical request paths and automatically alert when any differences are detected.

Interested in joining our team? See our open positions here.

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