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Lightstep Supports OpenTelemetry Beta Releases

Lightstep and OpenTelemetryOpenTelemetry go way backway back, so it goes without saying that we are very excited about the OTel project entering the beta phaseentering the beta phase of its lifecycle.

The beta release currently includes SDKs for Go, Python, Java, Erlang, and Javascript. The full range of SDKs and libraries, including vendor-specific exporters, can be found in the registryregistry.

This exciting time means a lot more developers will start using OpenTelemetry in production –– a lot more hands, eyes, and brains running into new issues, finding new use cases, and generating feedback for the open source engineers making OpenTelemetry a reality.

Open source telemetry in deep systems

OpenTelemetry provides a framework for building next generation observability platforms, and simplifies the instrumentation of cloud-native software. In his post about deep systemspost about deep systems, Lightstep CEO and co-founder Ben SigelmanBen Sigelman looks at how the ‘three pillars’ mentality fails to deliver on observability in distributed systems.

To that end, OpenTelemetry integrates tracing and metrics into a single system, unifying the context developers need for surfacing rich correlations and conducting effective root cause analysis.

Instrument with OpenTelemetry and observe with Lightstep

The OpenTelemetry CollectorOpenTelemetry Collector has native Lightstep support, and we have written Lightstep exportersLightstep exporters for Java, Javascript, Python, and Go, with more on the way as the other implementations mature.

With support for ten languages already underway, the OpenTelemetry project is moving forward with the goal of making robust, portable telemetry a built-in feature of cloud-native software

Want to contribute?

OpenTelemetry is an open source project with implementations in many different languagesimplementations in many different languages, so whether you prefer to work with Python, Go, or Node (among others), find an issue and get started!

Join the community on GitHubGitHub and the conversation on GitterGitter.

Interested in joining our team? See our open positions herehere.

March 31, 2020
2 min read

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