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A First in APM, Only Possible with Lightstep

We’re releasing a set of new features in Live View (formerly Latest Traces) that makes it even easier to discover and categorize the different latency behaviors in any application, and to pinpoint within seconds exactly what’s slow for those categories.

Live latency histogram

This new chart shows the global latency distribution for the full set of spans, or timed operations, that are currently in memory across every Lightstep Satellite within your environment.

Below the histogram, Lightstep shows some example spans from the same dataset to give you a better idea of the transactions currently going through the application. You can use the search box to limit the scope of the histogram and the example spans below to a specific Service, Operation, and/or custom Tags. You can also click and drag along the latency axis of the histogram chart to further narrow the set of example spans to include only those in a specific latency range. These powerful features make it possible to flexibly examine the real-time latency characteristics for an application in its entirety, through monoliths and microservices, or filter by any dimension, no matter how focused or broad.

Lightstep Filter Histogram

Flexibly examine real-time latency data to categorize system-wide behaviors and drill down to pinpoint specific problem areas.

Sub-trace preview

Lightstep now also shows key information about the sub-trace for each example spanspan shown in Live View. A sub-trace is the portion of an overall end-to-end trace that consists of the displayed span itself and its descendant spans. The Sub-trace Summary column now shows the total number of spans in each sub-trace. Hovering over the rows in this column will show the most time-consuming operations within that particular sub-trace. Each span’s duration is also now depicted visually as a horizontal bar that varies in length in relation to the other example spans shown, making it much easier to spot outliers and anomalies. These enhancements are designed to help users quickly find spans that are abnormally slow, spans that contain large sub-traces, and spans that may be behaving unusually in other ways.

Lightstep Latency Breakdown

Sub-trace preview lets you quickly spot outlier spans that are abnormally slow and the operations that are causing the slowdowns.

Search enhancements

Lastly, we made some usability improvements to the search box in Live View. There is now a guided search builder that more clearly categorizes search terms by Service, Operation, and Tags. There is no practical limit to the number of search terms that you can include. When adding a new search term, you can scan the drop-down for a list of suggestions or begin typing to quickly find what you’re looking for. Past searches are saved locally and can be viewed by clicking on the Recent Searches tab.

Lightstep Recent Searches

Improved search functionality makes it easy to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Learn more

Register for our upcoming webinar, Lightstep Latency HistogramLightstep Latency Histogram, airing Wednesday, April 25th at 9:00 am PT, 12:00 pm ET, and see a live demo of these powerful new features.

We’re thrilled to introduce these core features to Lightstep, and believe these new capabilities will dramatically transform how you approach performance management today and help you discover and fix reliability issues quickly and more efficiently. We hope you’re just as excited as we are!

Interested in joining our team? See our open positions herehere.

April 16, 2018
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