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Lightstep and OpsGenie Partner to Improve Application Performance and Incident Management

Dennis Chu

by Dennis Chu

Lightstep and OpsGenie Partner to Improve Application Performance and Incident Management

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Microservices-based architectures enable software teams to deliver innovations and value to their customers faster. Microservices are often owned by individual engineering teams that are solely responsible for everything from development to deployment.This autonomy reduces cross-team dependencies, but it also often means each development team is solely accountable for the ongoing performance of their own services in production. Using Lightstep and integrated solutions such as OpsGenie, a leading incident management platform, teams are proactively alerted when potential SLA violations or latency issues occur, and can see the associated end-to-end traces to pinpoint root causes quickly.

Lightstep is unique because it analyzes completely unsampled trace data and is able to segment this information by extremely high-cardinality key:value tags, such as customer IDs or build numbers. This means Lightstep captures every performance anomaly or failure, no matter how brief or rare the occurrences are. Lightstep is the ideal solution for companies with microservices-based applications, because users can isolate real-time and historical performance data along any dimension and uncover root causes even for complex transactions spanning service boundaries – letting teams focus on the issues they’re responsible for.

Lightstep and OpsGenie Partner to Improve Application Performance and Incident Management Lightstep with OpsGenie alerts the right people based on on-call schedules when SLA violations or latency issues occur.

Useful information is meaningful only when users receive it when and where they need it. Lightstep has been integrated with complementary DevOps solutions to allow teams to access their performance data in their preferred, existing workflows. Our customers requested that we integrate with the OpsGenie incident management platform for operating always-on services. When a Service-Level Alert (SLA) is violated or resolved, Lightstep sends JSON notifications to OpsGenie, which automatically creates custom alerts and notifies the right people based on on-call schedules – via email, text messages (SMS), phone calls, iOS and Android push notifications, and escalates alerts until they are acknowledged or closed.

We’re excited about the value of this new integration for our customers. We’ll continue to enhance Lightstep to work well with popular tools and DevOps best practices for adopting, developing, and maintaining microservices-based applications.

Try it out and share your feedback at, and let us know what other integrations you’d like to see.

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