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Drive instrumentation consistency with Lightstep’s Instrumentation Quality Score

Lulu Bai

by Lulu Bai

Drive instrumentation consistency with Lightstep’s Instrumentation Quality Score

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Driving consistency across an organization is challenging, and becomes more difficult when that organization is large and distributed. Ensuring a consistent monitoring strategy is employed throughout the SRE or Platform Teams becomes paramount when organizational goals push teams to move faster and release more. To ensure consistency with your instrumentation, Lightstep is updating our Instrumentation Quality Score.

Our customers love our Instrumentation Quality Score for the clear assessments and specific advice on instrumenting their services with distributed tracing. Lightstep has improved on this beloved feature with configuration options to drive consistency within your organization, charting an ideal course for individual teams to follow.

Now, the Instrumentation Quality Score includes options for Lightstep admins to specify custom and environment attributes important to the success of their teams. For example, an organization may want all tracing data to include a custom attribute for the request ID or a customer identifier, or an environment attribute for the region or instance ID. For engineering team members, it provides clear instructions on how to improve trace instrumentation with starter code snippets for these attributes.

Instrumentation Quality Score - what's included?

Drive instrumentation consistency by specifying custom and environment attributes

Having the right attributes enhances the diagnostic power of tracing allowing teams to have deeper insights into their applications. Often, it’s difficult for SRE or platform teams to get all application development teams to instrument in the same way. A Lightstep admin can go into his or her project settings and set custom and environment attributes as standards for a given Lightstep project and evaluate the instrumentation of each service based on the chosen attributes.

Instrumentation Quality Score - settings

Understand where your service stands

Often, engineers might start instrumenting services without knowing what attributes to include and as a result, are unable to take full advantage of Lightstep’s root cause and analytic capabilities. It’s possible that with just a few more lines of code, teams can see clearer insights in features such as Root Cause Analysis, Explorer, and Streams.

The instrumentation score for each service will now factor in the chosen custom, and environment attributes. The helpful instrumentation quality prompts, both in-app and through email, will show which attributes are missing and provide clear instructions for engineers to add them to your service.

Instrumentation Quality Score - report

Instrumentation Quality Score - 92%

Community Best Practices at Your Fingertips

At Lightstep, we are champions of OpenTelemetry and have contributed our expertise to the community in building out the OpenTelemetry Semantic Conventions, a set of best practice recommendations on how best to define attributes for your traces. As you chart the ideal course for your organization, we provide links to both Lightstep documentation and our highlights of OpenTelemetry documentation to help you make the best decisions.

Want to learn more? Check out our Lightstep documentation on Instrumentation Quality Score or try it out yourself by navigating to the Instrumentation Quality section for a service of your choice in the service directory.

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