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New Lightstep and Grafana plug-in to power your dashboards with observability

Brandon Cato

by Brandon Cato

New Lightstep and Grafana plug-in to power your dashboards with observability

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Grafana is one of the most popular open source analytics platforms in the market today. Teams use Grafana to visualize consolidated metrics from different applications and databases into a single dashboard. Now with Grafana and Lightstep, developers can power Grafana’s visualization with Lightstep’s rich trace data.

Diagnose the “why” within your familiar workflow

The Lightstep plugin will allow you to go from your familiar Grafana dashboard, and jump seamlessly into Lightstep’s best-in-class investigation workflow when you want to quickly diagnose the “why” behind what you’re seeing on your dashboards.

After you configure the Lightstep datasource, you’ll be able to add time-series graphs powered by Lightstep’s unique tracing data and insights. As you type, Grafana’s editor will autocomplete to display your existing saved Streams. From there, you can customize the latency percentiles and error counts you want to monitor based on your performance and business objectives.

Grafana Editor with Lightstep

The power of the Lightstep Grafana plugin really shines once you detect anomalous behavior in your dashboard, and drill down into Lightstep’s investigation flow. After you’ve enabled the Lightstep Graph visualization, clicking on a specific exemplar in the chart will display detailed information from that specific example trace in Lightstep. With one click, you’ll be able to seamlessly begin your investigation by viewing data such as log payloads and bottlenecks in the underlying transactions, to quickly identify the root cause of the issue.

Grafana + Lightstep Plugin

How to get started in less than five minutes?

The plugin is open source and available now on GitHub.

The Lightstep plugin is easy to install and gives developers the ability to monitor Lightstep data alongside other business critical metrics. You can use the grafana-cli tool or install it manually. For more details, see our documentation page or get started with a free Lightstep Community Account.

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