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Incident Readiness and Observability for Production Teams: Live Webinar

Does this sound like you?

You’re constantly firefighting, unable to get ahead of incidents. You have limited visibility into your systems, and incident retrospectives are often incomplete, if written at all. Your team is overwhelmed and unable to take the necessary time to learn from mistakes. You can’t prioritize changes that would increase your service’s reliability.

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Join Lightstep and Blameless for a live webinar, Incident Readiness, Observability & Learning for Production TeamsIncident Readiness, Observability & Learning for Production Teams, on May 7 at 10AM PST, hosted by senior solution engineers Ian Smith from Lightstep, and Paul Chu from Blameless.

You’ll learn:

  • How to gain visibility into complex systems

  • How to empower siloed, distributed teams

  • How to reduce cognitive load and toil in triaging, responding to, and learning from incidents

The Importance of Incident Readiness and Observability

Production and incident readiness are more important than ever, as teams face greater pressure to mitigate business risk and scale to meet increasing demands for reliability and performance. But at the same time, readiness is hard to achieve, due to an explosion in systems complexity as well as fragmentation across siloed data, tools, and teams.

Lightstep in Action

Here’s a quick, two-minute overview of how Lightstep delivers visibility across multi-layered architectures.

## Blameless in Action Here’s is a quick gif that showcases how Blameless helps pull context across disparate tools into a centralized view to streamline workflows and coordination.

Blameless in Action
April 16, 2020
2 min read

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