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How Lightstep’s Slack Integration Makes It Easier to Resolve Performance Regressions

Ashley Rahimi Syed

by Ashley Rahimi Syed

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Ashley Rahimi Syed

by Ashley Rahimi Syed


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If you find a performance issue or regression, you can quickly troubleshoot it with your team using Lightstep’s Slack integration. We’ve made it easy to establish shared context with your entire organization (even other non-developers) – right from the app!

To get started, simply authorize Lightstep to post to Slack. You can do this by accessing your account settings by clicking on the account icon in the left-hand navigation bar.

Then, you have the opportunity to install the integration into your Slack workspace.

Once that’s complete, you’re ready to start sharing Lightstep data with your team! Let’s say that you want to investigate all errors in a specific service in your system. You can easily filter for that data using Lightstep’s Explorer view.

You can view any trace’s individual details by selecting it from the Trace Analysis window.

If you want to share this data with your team, simply click the Share icon at the top of the page, and copy the link!

Paste this into any Slack message, and your teammates will be able to unfurl the link to view all of that trace’s details! This way, you can work together to quickly resolve any incidents you may face.


Any questions? Feel free to check out our extensive support documentation to learn more about this integration, or just drop us a line!

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