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Evolving Our Incident Response Strategy

We love spending time with customers. Since joining ServiceNow last year, we’ve been lucky to talk with and learn from hundreds of large enterprises that are heavily invested in ServiceNow’s platform and solutions. The need to extend centralized governance and operating models across the diverse technology estate, including cloud-native applications, is a recurring theme on these calls. People also want to move fast without breaking things.

These conversations have sharpened our strategy of investing aggressively in both observability capabilities and deeper platform integration between ServiceNow and Lightstep. We believe integrated solutions are a better approach to meeting these customer needs.

As part of refining this strategy, we’ve decided to sunset our Lightstep Incident Response offering and focus on the ServiceNow integration to support incident and event management. Current customers may continue to use Lightstep Incident Response through January 31st, 2023; we’re already working directly with affected customers on the specifics.

Accelerating Lightstep Observability

We remain laser-focused on delivering a world-class cloud-native observability solution that unifies logs, traces, and metrics. And with our recent acquisition of Era Softwareacquisition of Era Software and the launch of Lightstep UQLLightstep UQL, we’ll accelerate these efforts.  

Site reliability engineering (SRE) teams are vital to the reliability of mission-critical digital products and services. Through Lightstep Observability and ServiceNow’s core product suite, we will continue innovating to help SRE teams turn insights into action, reduce downtime, and enable seamless experiences.

To learn more, please contact uscontact us.

November 2, 2022
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