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Strengthening our commitment to the OpenTelemetry project 

Carter Socha | April 20, 2023

Lightstep is the first company to natively provide customers with complete control of their telemetry pipeline which saves time and money, and provides the freedom to innovate at scale. By embracing OpenTelemetry support without vendor lock-in, Lightstep helps you make complex app development easier and faster.

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Definitive Guide to Escalation Policies, Paths, and Levels

Keanan Koppenhaver | May 12, 2022

Definitive guide on escalation policy and how to handle serious incidents. Learn about the available escalation policies, paths, and levels that help you manage escalations effectively.

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The Process of Major Incident Management

Keanan Koppenhaver | May 11, 2022

What is the process of major incident management? What are the steps that need to be taken when an incident occurs? Learn all this and more in this article.

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Incident Management Best Practices

Keanan Koppenhaver | Apr 25, 2022

Learn about the best practices for incident management, including how to identify and respond to incidents quickly and effectively.

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On-Call Policies and Management

Talha Khalid | Apr 7, 2022

On-call management eliminates the risk of incident notifications not being noticed and addressed in a timely manner, making continuous availability of your services.

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Alert Management

Dan Woods | Apr 1, 2022

Alert management is vital to understanding how to act when issues arise that could impact the functioning of major IT software and systems within an enterprise.

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What Is Alert Fatigue And How To Reduce It

Dan Woods | Apr 1, 2022

Companies must minimize alert fatigue, when monitoring systems send so many alerts that they are ignored or cannot be responded to.

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What is IT Alerting?

Dan Woods | Apr 1, 2022

IT alerting allows companies to understand whether their systems are running properly, as alerts highlight issues and staff can then decide how to respond.

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Understanding the Incident Response Lifecycle

Michelle Ho | Mar 29, 2022

The incident response lifecycle can be broken down into four phases: preparation, detection, resolution, and post-incident learning.

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Incident Response Best Practices

Michelle Ho | Mar 29, 2022

Incident response best practices include setting up automated alerts, avoiding hosting incident response channels on your own infrastructure, etc.

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